It’s Mason’s last day in Erinsborough and the Turners are down about him leaving. Meanwhile, Amber’s spirits sink further when Josh refuses to support her during this difficult time. Lou visits Lauren to convince her to be encouraging for her son’s sake. Lauren finally comes to terms with the fact she has to let him go. After heartfelt goodbyes, Mason leaves Erinsborough.

Sonya confides in Toadie that she’s worried about Chris’s mum, Patricia. Since Hudson’s imprisonment, Chris has become distant with her and it has driven her to gambling. But Sonya’s surprised when she finds Patricia on her way to a GA meeting – admitting she was tempted to gamble. However, Chris catches Sonya with his mother, and seeing her son, Patricia departs. When Sonya tries to encourage her to return, she hints that Chris is keeping a secret about Hudson, leaving Sonya feeling she’s betrayed Chris’s trust.

Brennan tells Kate he’s through with trying to win her back – breaking Kate’s heart. He resolves to stay in Erinsborough to start his new life alone… but unbeknown to Chris and Brennan, a car pulls up outside the garage and watches them.

Josh’s recovery has stalled and he lashes out at Amber and Brad, refusing to say goodbye to Mason. He finally resorting to taking painkillers.