At the hospital, Mason is in a foul mood and takes his temper out on Justin and Tori. The family is unaware that a nurse called Beth in the corridor is listening to them. Beth interrupts the conversation and Tori and Justin take that as their cue to leave. Mason tells Beth to leave, but Beth refuses, telling Mason she wants to give him a prostate examination much to his surprise!

Beth then takes Mason out for a spin in his wheelchair, which puts a smile on his face. Later, Mason tells Tori about his day with nurse Beth – but he’s shocked when she tells him that Beth doesn’t work at the hospital! Who is the mystery woman?

Meanwhile, Hunter is super-excited as he prepares to meet Wally. He and Olivia head to The Diner, but it seems that Wally is a no show. As the couple gets up to leave, Wally arrives. He explains that Claire’s disappointed he didn’t take the money, but she’s happy for them to form a relationship. Wally asks Hunter about his plans on leaving school and, when Hunter tells Wally his career dreams, the conversation doesn’t end well…

Finally, Scarlett still doesn’t trust Robbo and advises Kat to stay away from him and to put things right with Ash. However, things don’t go to plan for Kat and Ash and they end up calling time on their relationship. When Kat turns to Robbo for support, will the pair finally give in to temptation?