Mason is desperately trying to revive Beth, as she lay collapsed on the pier bridge, but luckily, he manages get the attention of Scarlett and Justin who are walking past. They rush Beth to hospital and Mason continues to give Beth CPR until they arrive and medical staff take over. Beth’s parents arrive and make it clear Mason is not welcome at Beth’s bedside believing their relationship is pushing her too far. The next morning, Beth is distraught to wake up and not see Mason by her side. Later, Mason returns and Beth makes it clear he’s a part of her life. Will Beth’s parents accept her decision? And how will everyone take Tori’s bad news?

Meanwhile, Alf and Irene comfort Brody about his court case in the morning, as this could potentially be his last night of freedom. The next morning he heads to court with Justin’s support and Scarlett as his defence. The prosecution rips Brody to shreds and says he should serve at minimum of six years in jail. Is Scarlett out of her depth? And is Brody going to jail?

Finally, Scarlett’s past comes back to haunt when she gets a visit from her past…