Mason is still heartbroken over the death of Beth and tells Tori he’s adamant about dropping out of university. He tells his family he’s taking a trip to Stokers gap alone, but Brody and Hunter go with him and Mason makes a heartfelt confession…

Meanwhile, Mick holds on tightly to Luc, as Irene is rushed to hospital. Tori and Ash are taking a romantic stroll along the beach excited that Mick is leaving town, unaware he has Luc. When Tori later arrives at the hospital for her shift, she finds that Irene has been admitted and is told that Luc is with her father and assumes Ash must have made it to the hospital before her.

However, when she tells Irene that Luc is with Ash, Irene corrects her and tells her that Mick has Luc. Tori calls Ash to tell him the news and he rushes off to find his niece. VJ eventually tracks down Mick – but will he be able to take Luc back?