Mason tells Amber the truth about Robbo

Mason confronts Amber over her relationship with Robbo and, when she insists she loves him, Mason is forced to tell her about her boyfriend’s role in the break-in. When Bailey then suggests Robbo broke into their house searching for the money and hurt Lou in the process, Amber won’t believe him.

Mason takes things into his own hands and warns Robbo off, but his friend threatens to tell the police that Matt covered for Bailey. If Mason comes up with the money, Robbo will leave town but getting the money is not going to be easy. However, when Mason sees Amber with Robbo he realises he’ll have to take a short cut and agrees to Robbo’s plan to raid Lassiters during Toadie and Sonya’s wedding reception.

Meanwhile, Sonya is busy with the wedding preparations and Angie’s interference isn’t helping. Eventually, a conversation with Susan makes Sonya realise Angie does have a role to play and holds out an olive branch to her. Toadie, meanwhile, has a terrible feeling that the wedding is doomed. News that best man Connor is down with measles and Jade’s plane is stuck in the US seems only to confirm his fears.

And Sonya is determined to walk down the aisle alone but, when Callum offers to give her away, she’s overwhelmed and happy to accept.