Mason turns up in Ramsay Street!

Worried about son Mason’s whereabouts, Matt and Lauren are relieved to see him suddenly turn up and while Matt wants to know where he’s been, Lauren is just happy to have him home. Later, when Mason is alone with Matt, his true feelings come out – he’ll never forgive his father for putting him in prison. Matt’s hope for a fresh start are shattered.

Meanwhile, Bailey needs to talk to Mason urgently, too. He accidentally became involved in the robbery that sent Mason to juvenile prison and was left with the stolen cash. Unfortunately, the garden gnome in which Bailey hid the money is nowhere to be seen. Vanessa has cleared it out as part of her spring clean and Sheila has adopted it to add to her collection…

Still trying to win Rani’s affections, Callum tries to prove Alister is to blame for setting up the abusive Facebook page about Priya. He and Sophie manage to get hold of Alister’s phone and Callum presents Rani with the proof. He has to persuade Rani to present it to her mother but she eventually does and Priya suspends Alister from school. Is this the beginning of reconciliation between daughter and mother?