Mason and Ziggy are stunned after finding a wad of cash in a plastic bag hidden in the car bumper. Mason urges Ziggy to put the money back where she found it, but she wants to keep it as there is at least $10,000 there. Ziggy takes Mason’s advice but as she repairs the car, a credit card skimmer and pistol falls out. Mason starts to panic and wants to call the police but Ziggy is against his idea. Ziggy quickly tries to fix the car but the pair are left stunned when the owner, an elderly lady, arrives. Can Ziggy fix the car in time?

Meanwhile, Irene is happy to see Mick leave town and tells him she just wants the very best for him. However, Mick has other plans as he sneaks into Irene’s house and steals Luc’s dummy. He sneaks out and hands the dummy in for a paternity test. What exactly is Mick up to?

Finally, VJ is feeling the pressure to pass his exams, but it’s clear he has no interest in going to university. What will VJ decide to do with his future?