Mason’s after information on Robbo

The Turners are shocked to hear that Rhiannon has turned up in the street and Matt and Lauren urge Mason to make his intentions clear to her. But Mason has other ideas – he wants her to reveal where Robbo is so he can confront him over the letters. He uses his seductive wiles to get the information out of Rhiannon but is overseen by an unimpressed Kate, who storms off. Mason tells his father what he’s found out but Matt wants to think about the next course of action and not rush into anything.

Bailey overhears and believes this is all about him. If he turns himself in to the police the whole Robbo problem would go away. Meanwhile, Mason tells Rhiannon he’s heading up to Mount Isa to face Robbo but she makes a startling confession – she’d sent the threatening letter to get back at Matt for separating her from Mason! A stunned Mason returns home to find that Bailey is headed for the police station. Can he stop him in time?

Georgia confides in Kate about her disastrous date with Pete and she suggests explaining things to him. Kyle, meanwhile, finds out about Georgia’s date and confronts her over starting dating again. Georgia is dumbstruck, which Kyle takes as meaning that she’s not interested in him and he storms off.