Mason’s arrested!

After Sonya regains her memory, she reluctantly reports Mason to the police and he’s arrested. Mason refuses to implicate Robbo, even when Matt pleads for him to protect himself. Bailey, wanting to protect Matt, reveals his involvement in the Mt. Isa break-in which in turn leads Matt to spill the beans. Kate is devastated and, with the Turner household reeling, Mason realises he could be facing a 15-year jail sentence for his crimes.

After Vanessa’s concern over Steph’s motives leads her to attack Lucas about his bike, Lucas vents to Steph, who plays the innocent, despite loving the fact that the couple are being split apart. Lauren tells Vanessa to be careful and Vanessa tries to apologise to Lucas. But when Vanessa suggests to Lucas that Steph has an ulterior motive, he thinks she’s being paranoid. After speaking to Toadie, Lucas realises that Vanessa might have a point, but he’s not willing to see the extent of Steph’s hidden motives.

Driven by the guilt she’s feeling over what she did to the Turner family, Sonya re-focuses on another mother who has lost a child, namely Steph. She encourages Toadie to look into helping her and he admits they are not on the best of terms. Sonya pressures him and he puts Ajay on the case.