Mason’s got a problem on his hands…

Mason’s shocked to learn single mum Rhiannon thinks their relationship is still on and is knocked back when she introduces herself to Kate as his girlfriend. He tries to explain to Kate but his words fall on deaf ears. Mason tells Rhiannon they can never have a future together because she’ll be heading home soon, so he thinks they should call it a day but, while he tries to make amends with Kate, Rhiannon interrupts with the news that she’s moving into Ramsay Street.

Kate suggests Georgia rejoins the dating scene, even though her self esteem is at a low ebb after her break-up. So when barman Pete asks her out, she agrees. Their date is going well until Georgia spontaneously kisses him, taking him by surprise. Embarrassed, Georgia runs off.

Chris and Kyle are still looking for a roommate and their quest seems to be ended when Pete applies to move in. But when Kyle realises Pete’s interested in Georgia he refuses to accept him. They soon find a suitable replacement, however, in the form of Rhiannon.