Masood and Carmel are caught in bed!

With Kush out of the house on his stag do, Shabnam invites the ladies over – along with Aunt Fatima – to prepare her Mendhi dress. The atmosphere is strained when Carmel and Denise have a drink, leaving Aunt Fatima unimpressed. Later, Shabnam heads to Kush’s flat only to get a shock when she walks into the bedroom – to find Masood and Carmel in bed!

Mick has hired a comedian for Kush’s stag do, but it doesn’t go down too well. Tensions rise when Stacey crashes the stag do and is unimpressed by a very drunk Martin. After a conversation with Shabnam, Stacey decides to bring Martin home. Learning about Sonia’s warning words to Martin, Stacey confronts her. As Sonia explains why she told Martin to make sure he didn’t have doubts, Stacey is left rattled.

Tina gets an idea when Carol reveals Dot will be out of prison soon, suggesting they scatter Nick and Jim’s ashes. Deciding it’s time they spread Stan’s ashes, too, Tina suggests to Mick and Shirley that they take them to Billingsgate market. Shirley is not impressed.

Also, Whitney gets a worrying letter, while Sonia worries that Lady Di doesn’t like her.