Masood and Phil terrorise Yusef!

Masood mentions the sleeping pills to Yusef, who retorts that he doesn’t need to drug Zainab to bed her. Masood follows Yusef to the Arches where he picks up a car jack and raises it as a weapon just as Phil arrives. A relieved Yusef heads towards the door, but Phil warns him to stay where he is and instructs Masood to lay into Yusef. Masood fumes at Yusef for sleeping with Zainab, but Yusef denies it. Yusef heads for the door, but Phil blocks his exit and orders him to get in the car.

Mercy is uncomfortable around Fatboy. Later in the cafe, Ashley tells off Fatboy for ignoring his calls, but Fatboy is still angry with him. Mercy sees Fatboy at the stall and tells him she managed to get her hearing date changed and they agree to a celebratory lunch, but not before Fatboy warns her that Ashley is unaware they’re now married.

Ricky’s money worries are playing on his mind when he arrives at work. Jay tells him that there may be a way he can solve his money woes, and tells him about the work Phil was offered in Dubai, but is unable to go because of his health.

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