Masood and Zainab confess all to AJ

When Zainab tries to badger AJ to go to prayers, she’s mortified when AJ calls her a hypocrite for sharing a bed with Masood while they’re not married. Denise confesses to blabbing, but wonders why they’re still unmarried. Masood agrees to set a date and Zainab and Masood tell an understanding AJ about Yusef. AJ says his goodbyes after settling his debt with Syed although Zainab later discovers that two of her ornaments worth the same amount are missing!

Kim is put out when Ray plans a boys’ night in with the footie team. A watching Kat suggests they gatecrash. When Kim and Kat turn up with Denise and Roxy they’re surprised to find the boys playing video games. Kat gets the party started with some sexy dancing with Ray, making Kim jealous.

When Shirley catches a frantic Jay and Ben searching for the picture frame they lie Ben’s hearing aid is missing. Shirley heads to the Vic after learning Phil gave Jean some recycling. A panicky Jay and Ben tell Phil about the frame and race to stop her. Phil notices a bin van picking up the bags and thinks their problems are over. Meanwhile, as Patrick and Cora unpack a bag for the charity shop the picture frame falls out…