Syed and Christian are kissing in the flat. Zainab has sent Masood to find Syed and Masood walks in and sees them, but hurries away before they see him. The Masoods have a meal to celebrate Syed’s birthday. Masood takes Syed aside and pointedly says that he saw Christian kissing ‘a man’ in the flat. Masood does the washing up and clutches the cake knife blade, leaving his hand covered in blood.

Max visits Jack in hospital. Jack tells Max that he’s been desperately trying to get hold of Ronnie and that he still has feelings for her. Max returns to find Ronnie and convince her to visit Jack before his operation. Max is stopped in his tracks when he sees her kissing Jack’s consultant Dr Steele.

Ben packs up a bag and heads to the Tube station, intending to run away. Heather finds him and takes him to the cafe. Ben confesses to Heather that he’s being bullied. She comforts him and persuades him to return home. Ben tells Shirley he doesn’t want to go back to school because he’s being bullied by Natasha.

Also, Roxy forces Peggy and Pat to make up their differences. Harvey the reporter returns to the Square and asks out Peggy… and Pat!

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