Masood prepares to open Masala Masood, but is distracted by thoughts of his granddaughter. Coming clean to Jane about what’s going on, Masood leaves Roxy in charge of his stall, heading with Jane to the address. Masood takes a snap of his granddaughter Jade and they leave without saying anything. Back in the Square, Shabnam is furious when Masood shows her the photo, confessing what he’s done. At a loss, Masood gives Jade’s address to Shirley, telling Shirley that her granddaughter is alive…

Carmel asks Stacey to help plan a dance for the engagement party. With Kush struggling to learn the routine, Carmel sends everyone home, leaving Stacey alone with Kush to teach the dance to him. With the tension growing, the pair can’t resist each other and lean in for a kiss. Shabnam walks in, but how much has she seen?

Ronnie is determined to get Roxy out of Walford, pleased when Roxy suggests moving out of the house to give Ronnie and Charlie some space. When Roxy has a disaster looking after Masood’s market stall, however, Roxy heads home and tells Ronnie she’s there to stay. Things look up for Roxy – and Ronnie – when Masood agrees to give Roxy a second chance.

Also, Carol gets a letter about her breast reconstruction surgery.