Alfie is planning on going to Australia to work with Spencer for a month, much to Kat’s annoyance. There’s the small matter of the fare for the plane ticket, however. Alfie puts on a poker night to raise the cash and is surprised when a rebellious Masood offers to hold it at his house. After running low on funds, Masood gambles some of Tamwar’s university fund, horrifying Fatboy. A delighted Alfie wins the lot.

Max fires David when he discovers a keyed car after turning down David’s offer to buy the car lot. David apologises sincerely for damaging the car, revealing to Max that Carol has cancer and he wants to buy the car lot to provide for her. Upset about Carol, Max agrees to let David buy into the business after all.

Linda has a girls’ night at The Vic in a bid to cheer up Sharon, but it’s not a success. Linda gets emotional about her army son Lee, Denise is awkward that Cora knows about her secret, while Carol is frustrated as Bianca gets drunk. Bianca almost reveals Carol has cancer, but reveals another secret instead…

Also, Carol finds a positive pregnancy test.