Masood gets a visit from his brother AJ

Masood is surprised when his brother AJ turns up on the doorstep. Not wanting disapproving Zainab to see the wayward AJ he bundles him off to the cafe until Zainab leaves for her Minute Mart brand event. AJ has an infectious influence on Masood, landing him in trouble when they use an abandoned shopping trolley as a go-cart. After crashing into Derek’s car they do a runner, but Derek punches a cocky AJ!

Kat hides her phone, worried about all the calls from her mystery lover. When she goes to find it she’s horrified to discover it’s missing. Thinking Alfie has found her phone, she almost spills the beans, but Alfie cuts in to explain Shenice was caught using Kat’s mobile at school. A relieved Kat retrieves her phone, but shaken by the close call she tells her lover it’s over.

Kim’s looking forward to a day out with Ray, until he turns up with Sasha in their old clothes for a paintballing day for Sasha’s birthday! A grumpy Kim soon gets into the day and Sasha is impressed that Kim is making an effort. All Kim’s good work is ruined, however, when she’s forced to confess that the forensic work experience she promised Sasha was a lie.