Tina tries to help out Masood by setting up an internet dating profile for him. After arranging a date at Beale’s, Masood’s confidence is knocked when his date arrives, but leaves before even introducing herself. After witnessing what happened, Carmel and Denise weigh in. With Carmel defending Masood, Denise has some harsh words about Masood’s attitude.

Masood gets the surprise news that Zainab is getting married and wants Kamil and Tamwar to go to the wedding in Pakistan. Shocked by the news, Tamwar realises he needs to tell Masood about going to Italy. When Masood gives Tamwar money from Zainab, Tamwar admits that he’s not just going to Italy, he and Nancy are planning on travelling the world. Tamwar worries about leaving Masood to cope alone.

Sharon and Linda talk about their worries and Sharon cheers herself up by arranging a team for the darts league. After a heart-to-heart with Ben, Sharon returns home to discover her divorce has been finalised. Meanwhile, Martin realises the merchandise he bought from Fat Elvis is useless, and he’s lost a lot of money.