Zainab is pleased when Masood tells her he’ll have her water feature ready by the afternoon. After telling the neighbours, Zainab looks forward to the grand unveiling. When Masood flicks the switch, Zainab is humiliated when pink bubbles come out. Masood despairs as Zainab angrily confronts Bianca, sure it’s to do with her kids. Fed up of Zainab always thinking of herself, Masood smashes up the water feature with a sledgehammer!

Abi needs money for a school trip and with Max away she and Lauren are stuck about what to do. When Lauren shouts out to Max after seeing him across the Square, he hurries on, hiding his bruised face. After Abi learns that Max is back she goes to find him at the Bed and Breakfast. Abi is stunned when Kirsty opens Max’s door, seeing Max in bed.

Whitney is in a panic when she learns Tyler has told Alfie about their engagement, worried he’ll let slip to her family before she can tell them herself. Tyler heads to the Vic to warn Alfie not to say anything. When he sees Bianca and Carol he’s relieved that they don’t know anything about the proposal. Until Alfie spots Tyler and shouts out his congratulations!