Zainab confirms to an angry Masood that she’s known about Syed and Christian’s affair for months. Masood insists that they should make all decisions together from now on. Their truce is shattered when Tamwar reveals his decision not to go to university and Zainab refuses to allow it. Masood throws Zainab out of the house and as Zainab bangs on the door a hand reaches out to help her… it’s Syed.

Pat and Peggy fight about Harvey, but Dot makes them see sense. Harvey turns up and the ladies tell Harvey to sling his hook as their friendship means more than any man. Later Pat asks Harvey whom he would have chosen and she’s flattered when he says her. Harvey later tells Peggy exactly the same thing!

Billy steals more post from one of the post vans and is nearly caught by Zainab. Billy’s conscience gets the better of him and he later reposts it. Dot finds a package and gives it to Billy, thinking it belongs to him. Billy opens it and inside is a big bag of cannabis.

Also, Leon and Fat Boy stake out number 42 to catch Zsa Zsa’s mystery admirer and it turns out to be Peter!

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