Masood is hurt that Zainab doesn’t trust him. Tamwar overhears them arguing and he feels guilty and puts the money back into the account. Tamwar confesses to Zainab and Masood that he stole the money to help out his brother Syed. Zainab is stunned when Masood reveals a long-held secret – that Syed left home after he found him stealing from the business and he took the blame. Zainab finds Syed’s number and secretly leaves a message on his voicemail.

Ricky is sheepish when Pat returns to the Square to find him running Pat Cars from her living room. Pat discovers that Janine has taken over the car lot and she confronts her. Janine insists that she wants to follow in her dad’s footsteps and she shows Pat a huge framed photo of Frank. Pat slams the canvas over Janine’s head! Pat decides to retire.

Stacey is chuffed when Danielle returns to the Square. Danielle puts on a brave face, but eventually breaks down and confesses to Stacey that she can never go back to her dad as he’s disowned her after discovering she had an abortion.

Also, Ian gets drunk and gets a tattoo on his rear when he gets depressed about turning 40!