The Sun Hill officers are being driven football crazy and football mad by fighting fans on match day in part one of this two-part story… And then they find a body!

Superintendent Jack Meadows is running an operation from base, using CCTV cameras to help his officers pick off the troublemakers among the footie supporters as the crowds are guided towards the stadium through pre-planned routes. The plan starts to fall apart, though, after part of the route has to be closed off. With their path blocked, a large group of fans is being corralled in one area – a police tactic known as ‘kettling’. Commander Lisa Kennedy (guest star Julie Graham – Survivors) is not happy about this and suggests to Jack that he release the group into a park nearby. Lisa’s particularly concerned because her son, Mark, is somewhere in the crowd.

When Jack fails to act on Lisa’s suggestion and a woman in the crowd suffers an asthma attack, Lisa feels compelled to step in and take over. Inspector Dale Smith is leading the troops on the ground and she orders him to release the fans; that’s when the officers find the body of a man in an alley. Is he the victim of football violence? Or are the troops looking at a very different kind of murder? The investigation concludes in the next episode on 8 April.