Matilda bids farewell to Summer Bay

Ric feels hurt and used after learning that despite their night together, Matilda is still going away, and is uninterested in rethinking the long distance relationship option. Meanwhile, Matilda allows Belle to convince her to have a small farewell party. Matilda invites Ric, but he’s still too hurt to accept the invitation.

But, while left alone cleaning up the bait shop, Ric realises he wants to end things properly, and then accidentally locks himself in the storeroom. Ric fights to escape, but by the time Alf unlocks the door, Matilda has already gone.

Having made the effort to stay sober for a while, Larry jumps the gun and asks Aden to move back in. Aden tells Larry that he will never return home, whether his dad is drunk or sober. Hurt by Aden’s words, Larry again finds solace in the bottle, but this time at the wheel of a car.

Eager to get into more mischief, Axel urges Jai to help him take Matilda’s scooter for a quick spin. The pair race along on the scooter having the time of their lives, before a drunken Larry loses control of his car and hits something hard…

*Showing on RTE One, Friday September 12*