Matilda can’t cope with her mum’s death

As Ric, Matilda, Sally and Colleen return from Beth’s funeral in Adelaide. Rick tells Sally he fears Matilda isn’t coping with her mum’s death. Matilda’s emotions get the better of her when she returns home to find a gift Beth posted her from Europe. Distraught, she flees the house and breaks down on the beach. The waves close in, but Matilda is too distressed to notice, and is swept off the rocks into the ocean.

As Amanda enters the Surf Club, Kelli frantically hides a half-dressed Ethan under the bar. Amanda’s thrown to find Kelli looking so dishevelled, but luckily is too distracted to ask for a further explanation. Amanda grabs the gym account books and leaves. She’s sorting through some papers when Kellli arrives home to find her in a panic: the gym insurance expired two weeks ago and she’s not covered for damages.

If she’s sued, she could lose everything. The next morning Amanda receives a visit from a fake lawyer, sent by Kelli, who reveals Jon intends to sue for costs up to $800,000. Kelli helpfully suggests Amanda sign everything over to her and therefore Amanda will technically be declared bankrupt. Amanda accepts the idea and signs on the dotted line…

*Screened on RTE One, Thursday July 19*