Aware of the increasingly bad atmosphere between Lucas, Matilda and Dean, Beth tells Lucas to stop being jealous. But she’s worried when Lucas reveals his suspicions that Dean is gay and confronts Dean at the Diner, leaving him rattled. Back at the house he rants to Mattie about the trouble Lucas is causing by spreading lies about him, and as he gets agitated, he starts aggressively kissing Mattie and getting physical. Matilda tries to fight him off, before he runs off in shame.

Following Drew’s abduction, a panicked Amanda calls Dan for help, and the cops turn up with Jack organising car squads to track him down. Meanwhile, Drew wakes up in scrubland and wanders through the bush, praying his captors don’t find him… Luckily, Jack reaches him first and back at the station, Drew tells him that he remembers little of his ordeal.

Amanda invites Drew to her place, while Dan and Leah go back to work. Once alone, Drew tells Amanda she was all he thought about when he was in trouble. Amanda admits she feels the same, but Belle interrupts their intimate chat.

Elsewhere, Martha is unimpressed to see Jack drinking with his workmates at the Surf Club when she thought he was working late.