Matilda is punch drunk!

At the Surf Club, Beth’s far from impressed as Matilda and Ric flaunt their newfound relationship, and she seethes when Matilda acts overly affectionate with Ric. After Beth tells her off for her attitude, Matilda tells an angry Beth she won’t be home until late as she’s going to a party with Ric, before storming out.

Later, Beth tells Tony that she doesn’t want her daughter rushing into anything, when Ric turns up. He explains how he cares for Matilda and asks Beth’s permission to take her to the party to prove things can work. Beth agrees, providing Matilda is home by 10pm. But at the party, things get out of hand when one of Ric’s mates spikes his drinks, prompting Ric to see red. There’s a scuffle, which ends up with Mattie getting hit on the side of the face.

Desperate to know if Lee’s OK, Belle and Lucas decide to track her down, leaving the baby with Rachel who fills Kim in on what’s happened. Belle and Lucas manage to get Lee’s details from her mobile phone company, but when Kim drives them to Lee’s house, they find it derelict. Kim decides to call the police. Back at the hospital, Rachel and Kim decide to call the baby ‘Joe’ before he’s taken into temporary foster care.

*Shown on RTE on Friday March 2*