Matilda is spotted leaving the boat

Stunned by Matilda’s announcement, Ric wants to know what led Matilda to think he wanted to sleep with her. Matilda explains she found the condoms in his wallet and tells him she thought she needed to have sex to keep him.

Matilda is embarrassed when Ric explains that their evening together was to be entirely innocent and he’s prepared to wait until the time is right. The pair snuggle up for a cosy night and the next morning, Matilda heads home. But, unfortunately, she’s spotted by a curious Colleen…

Back home, Matilda is forced to tell a mournful Lucas that she may have caused Belle to dump him. Lucas tracks down Belle and the pair have a heart-to-heart, with Belle admitting she’s scared of getting hurt. But Lucas’ happiness is short lived when a heavily pregnant Lee turns up, pleading for his help…

Colleen lets slip to Beth that she saw Matilda that morning, and in a fury, Beth goes home to confront Matilda, who insists nothing happened and she won’t stop seeing Ric.

Cassie worries that Macca will return to his old drug-taking ways when he informs her he’s been offered a truck driving job. Macca reassures her he won’t make that mistake again and a trusting Cassie insists he should take the job.

*Screened on RTE One, Tuesday February 27*