Matilda returns with a plan…

Matilda returns to the Bay and announces she no longer wants to live in the family home, but wants to move in with Ric at Sally and Brad’s place. Meanwhile, Cassie notices that Ric doesn’t seem convinced about Matilda’s plan and Ric admits he has reservations.

Ric tells Matilda he saw a different side of her when she ran off with Reuben and he wants to be sure that the Matilda he knows and loves is back. Later, another family conference is called and Matilda and Ric are shocked when Sally and Brad break the news that they don’t think it’s in Matilda’s best interests to move in.

Bruce is refusing to let Geoff play footy and has pulled him out of school after Aden got him drunk and locked him in the boot of Tony’s car. Tony responds by kicking Aden off the team. Furious, Aden and his mates drive out to the Campbell farm and tear up one of the paddocks.

Incensed, Bruce shoots at the kids, much to Annie and Geoff’s dismay. When Tony learns about the incident, he confronts Aden and Bruce, who are unimpressed by his interference. Later, Tony lies unconscious on the floor at home, having been smashed in the head.

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