Matilda sees Ric with Viv

Matilda is in tears after seeing Ric and Viv on the beach together, but Cassie tells her the only way to know what really happened is to ask Ric. Meanwhile, Ric confides to Drew that he’s sick of all this drama over nothing, and says that at least Viv actually cares about what he’s doing. After some thought, Matilda tells Ric he needs to have a serious think about whether he still wants to be with her.

Later, the couple look to be back on track when Ric presents Matilda with the vouchers for the Sands resort that Viv gave him. But when she finds a bottle of champagne in their room, with a note addressed to Mr and Mrs Anderson, she’s furious and storms out. Later, a calmer Matilda tells Ric she’s convinced Viv is trying to undermine their relationship.

Brad tells Sally that he still loves her, but all she sees in him is safety and stability. He suggests that perhaps their relationship was a way of dealing with the loss of their respective spouses, and to carry on together would be unfair to both of them. They agree to part as friends.

Also, Dan meets a mysterious American woman.

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