Devastated after finding out the truth about Ric and Viv’s night together, Matilda confronts Ric in front of a group of schoolkids, including Aden and his cousin, Simon. Ric blames Cassie, and Matilda is shocked when she discovers her friend has betrayed her. Things get worse when Viv tries apologise to Ric, and suspicious Matilda sees them together.

After Simon persuades Drew to sell him alcohol for some extra cash, he and Aden invite Matilda to their party and she decides to go out of spite. Cassie convinces Drew to drive them there but he returns home, leaving them without a lift back. But, while Ric drowns his grief in alcohol, poor Matilda doesn’t have a great time at the party and things get even worse when she is tossed into the pool.

Having had one drink, Cassie isn’t keen to drive home but Matilda declares her friend owes her after she didn’t tell her the truth about Ric. Cassie agrees to drive everyone home against her better judgement. But when the boys in the back start passing round a joint and getting rowdy, she loses control of the car…

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