Matt and Lauren clash but Toadie takes the hit…

As Matt and Lauren continue to clash, Mason believes it’s up to him to help sort things out. He sets up a cricket game in the street, hoping to bring the family together but it only ends in trouble as Toadie joins in and is hit by a ball smashed at Matt by Lauren. Husband and wife then argue in the street until Sonya steps in and takes Lauren away for a chat while Toadie advises Matt. Later, Matt tells Lauren that she’s always played favourites and that Mason was always her first priority.

Ajay starts to realise his vendetta against Paul has made him lose sight of Rani’s pain. He sits her down and admits his own grief, allowing Rani to confess that she worries her mother died believing she hated her. Ajay reassures her but when she’s alone, Rani again sees a vision of Priya. She still has a long way to go.

Seeing Paul’s recent behaviour, Kate tells him he needs to deal with his grief over Priya’s death, believing that he’ll push people away and end up alone. Next morning, however, she finds that Paul’s taken a younger woman to bed and he tells Kate that if she doesn’t like it she can find somewhere else to live.