In Adelaide, Brad and Lauren are awkward after sharing a kiss the night before and Lauren decides to return home. But before she leaves, Brad assures Lauren that the kiss meant nothing. When Lauren rings to say she’s going to make it back for the vow renewal after all, Matt is thrilled. Lauren arrives and, deeply moved by Matt’s gesture, is prompted to come clean about the kiss with Brad. But Matt tells her she doesn’t need to explain anything – he just wants them to share this special day.

Burying her guilt, Lauren renews her vows with Matt in a beautiful ceremony led by Susan. When Lauren and Matt head off on their mini honeymoon, Bailey calls Jayden over to help numb his ongoing pain. Back in Adelaide, Brad continues the search, but is devastated when Ethan Smith, the son of his daughter’s adopted parents, reveals he’s an only child. But Ethan is lying.

When Matt sends out a text to say that lunch at the Turners is back on, Will automatically presumes he’s going. However, Chris explains that he’s not sure what he wants from their relationship, which only fires Will up and he admits he’s sick of Chris playing games. Chris apologises and pleads with Will to give him another chance.