Matt and Terese are worried about the revelations in Lauren’s journal. Terese’s fears seem realised when she sees Brad, Lauren and Paige looking like a happy family. When Brad learns of the effort Terese went to for lunch he heads home. Terese is consumed on what she read in Lauren’s diary and struggles to accept his heartfelt declarations of commitment to her.

Karl is concerned by how much time Susan is giving to Nate, but concedes Nate does seem to be mellowing. But for Susan, victory comes at a cost. Having been there for Nate, when he finally opens up, Susan now finds Nate’s trauma is starting to overwhelm her. 

Meanwhile, Karl counsels Matt about what he read, suggesting the contents indicate Lauren loves him after all. The two finally reignite their love – a stark contrast to Brad and Terese.

Brennan visits injured Paige, and seeks her out with a gift – a natural remedy for her burns. Bailey is sure Brennan is giving clear ‘let’s make up’ signals.