Matt discovers Lauren’s sketch of Brad

Matt confronts Lauren and Brad with the sketch he found at the antique shop. Lauren says it doesn’t mean anything, but Matt doesn’t understand why she kept it from him. Lauren tells Susan the reason she didn’t tell Matt is because she did the portrait during a difficult time in her life, and she doesn’t want to talk about it with Matt. Susan suggests she try, but the damage has already been done and Matt can’t help feeling betrayed.

Amber thinks it’s time Imogen hooked up with someone and suggests the new chef at Lassiters. Imogen explains that ‘hypothetically’ there could be someone she likes. Amber advises Imogen to tell this ‘hypothetical’ guy how she feels. Nervous, Imogen practises her speech, but her plans are foiled when she catches Rhiannon pashing Mason.

An unsuspecting Karl opens the door to find Rhiannon. She’s found him a drummer, namely her son, and that they’ll be taking up his offer of a room. But when Rhiannon makes a mess of the kitchen, Susan takes her to task. Jackson picks up on the Kennedys’ displeasure and offers to help clean up.

When Rhiannon heads off to work with Mason, Jackson feels abandoned. Later, Mason warns Rhiannon against pursuing a relationship with him – but Rhiannon’s won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.