Matt examines the crime scene

It’s the morning after Robbo’s hit and run and Amber wakes up to find that Robbo never made their rendezvous. Feeling ashamed that she almost slept with him in exchange for his salacious memento of her, Amber arrives home, furious with Mason for keeping secrets. When Toadie tells Imogen that her car has been abandoned on Fairfax Road, Imogen suspects Amber of stealing it, but Mason finds damage on the car and realises it may have been involved in Robbo’s accident. Mason erases any evidence, just as Matt finds broken glass at the scene of the accident – matching Imogen’s car’s broken indicator light. Meanwhile, Mason, Amber and Imogen all suspect each other of Robbo’s hit and run, and vow never to speak of it again.

Sonya learns Robbo has been in a car accident and is in hospital fighting for his life. Karl tells Sonya that it’s very likely that the court case may not eventuate and Sonya realises her nightmare may be over.

It’s the morning after the exhibition, and Toadie inexplicably finds himself waking up in Imogen’s car. Later, when Sonya tells him about Robbo’s accident, Toadie reveals can’t remember the past six hours. When Sonya questions him a nervous Toadie reveals that he went out looking for Robbo.