Matt fights for the choir competition

It’s the last episode of the current series and the school’s having a bit of a Britain’s Got Talent/X Factor/The Choir moment… They’re excited about being in the final of the North West Schools Choir of the Year contest but the wind is knocked out of them by the revelation that their songwriter, Flick Mellor, hasn’t put everything she’s got into the song; she stole the lyrics.

Music and drama teacher Matt Wilding is bitterly disappointed, more for the kids than for himself, and he decides he’s not giving up without a fight. With the help of French teacher, Steph Haydock, Matt sets about writing a new song. But can they get it finished and rehearsed in time to still take part in the contest?

Also in for disappointment is head teacher Rachel Mason. Her relationship with deputy head Eddie Lawson is driven off the road to happiness by Eddie’s ex, Melissa, who reappears and announces she’s having his baby!

But, somehow, none of that matters so much when a drunken Ralph Mellor, Flick’s estranged father, turns up at the school driving a JCB. Flick’s issued him with a restraining order and he’s feeling angry and rejected. He blames Waterloo Road for all of his problems and he wants revenge…

*A fifth series of Waterloo Road is due to be screened later this year or in early 2010*