Josh suffers side effects from the drugs Damo’s given him. He pulls himself together and Matt tells him that he knows Damo – he’s a dodgy drug pusher who mixes anything together.

Charlotte tells Leah that she only came back so Hunter could meet his father, but Leah isn’t convinced. The next morning, Zac talks to Leah and the pair kiss and make up and she even agrees that she will get to know Hunter. Hunter, however, makes it clear he has no interest in getting to know her.

Leah and Matt have a heart to heart about Hunter and Matt senses Leah is hiding something. Later, Matt sees Hunter in the Surf Club and gives him a friendly warning: “Hurt Leah and Zac, and I’ll hurt you.”

Also, Zac tells Charlotte she has done a fantastic job with Hunter. The pair look at baby pictures of Hunter and Charlotte watches Zac fondly.