Matt is horrified about living with Sophie

When Matt learns that Sophie is moving in, he is horrified at the prospect of living with his school principal. But Jett points out that having Sophie living with him could work to his advantage.

Phoebe tries to sweet-talk Brax into giving up Heath’s flat so she and Kyle can live there. However, Brax explains to Kyle he is keeping the flat, as he needs to put his relationship with Ricky first.

Leah soon regrets her suggestion that Sophie should move in, as she has Nate at her beck and call. When he is about to leave for his hospital shift, Sophie complains of a sudden pain and Nate cancels his shift.

John and Marilyn are beyond frustrated at Roo’s obsessive wedding planning. In fact, Roo pushes Marilyn so far that she asks Irene to be her Maid of Honour. John and Marilyn come up with a safe word to bail one another out when Roo goes overboard. The word? Coconut.