Matt is ‘outed’ by the students

Matt’s mother, Susan, announces she’s coming to visit and, in a panic, Matt quickly removes all traces of Colin. Meanwhile, the sixth formers are on work experience at Colin’s company when Matt tell Colin that he wants him to move out for a few days. Maxine overhears and sends a text message back to school.

Back at school, Matt has been ‘outed’ and some anti-gay graffiti is found in the toilets. Dominic is caught red-handed, but he openly tells Matt why he wrote the graffiti. Humbled by Dominic, Matt decides it’s time to face his mother. But he’s devastated to learn that his mother knows he’s gay – and she can’t accept it.

Eddie wants Jasmine to fight Michaela’s bullying allegations but Jasmine says she can’t face the Governors’ meeting, so Eddie gathers evidence to clear her name. Meanwhile, Stuart Hordley hands Rachel an envelope of newspaper cuttings from her past. Later, Eddie comes across it – and he’s shocked by what he finds inside…

Also, wannabe eco-terrorists Mika and Brett take drastic action in their quest to turn the school ‘green’.