Having applied to be an emergency foster carer, Matt Wilding takes in his first ward, Sambuca Kelly. In a vain attempt to get back with Rose, Sam’s useless dad, Reynold, turns up wanting Sam to live with him and he’s livid that Sam wants to stay with Matt. Later, Reynold and Earl attack Matt’s flat and warn Sam that, unless she comes home, Matt will receive similar treatment.

Donte launches his latest venture, Donte Charles Boxing Promotions, and has organised an underground fight between Waterloo Road’s Bolton Smilie and a pupil from a rival school. With Donte’s debts spiralling out of control, the boxing match is way for him to earn some fast cash. But can he ensure that the teachers don’t find out about his illegal activities?

Back at the Kelly house, Rose begins to accept the idea of having Reynold back in her life – despite knowing that he’s no good for her or the kids.