Matt lies to keep Sasha happy

Matt manages to get a trial shift as a pizza boy making Sasha ecstatic at the prospect of them both working over the summer holidays. However, Matt’s trial doesn’t go any further than one shift and, unable to tell Sasha the truth, the pair celebrate Matt’s new job at the Diner, just as Irene arrives back from holiday…

Evelyn and Josh are feeling guilty but as they walk to the bus stop, they end up kissing passionately again, but unfortunately this time Marilyn sees them. After they admit they have feelings for each other, Josh agrees to come clean to Maddy. Before he speaks to his girlfriend, Marilyn confronts him and tells him how much Maddy has supported him in the past, which leaves Evelyn brokenhearted.

Living with Heath means that Phoebe and Kyle are live-in babysitters and, with Darcy not on her best behaviour and learning that she may be staying for two extra weeks, Phoebe suggests she and Kyle move out.