Terese tells Brad that she saw Matt and Sharon kiss last week and Brad confront Matt. The two men argue as a red car speeds towards them. When the car swerves towards Brad, Matt thinks quickly and pushes Brad out of the way, taking the full force of the vehicle. The car drives off and Brad is shocked as he sees Matt’s limp body on the road.

Daniel and Imogen are minutes away from being drowned when Joshua stops Kyle flooding the well. At the rescue site, Daniel explains the full story to Amber and after announcing he still wants to get married straight away, Amber and Imogen make up. Joshua, however, takes the news stoically. He’s glad Amber isn’t upset, but the truth is he’s lost the girl he loves again.

Paige catches Tyler scoping out a bunch of cars on the street and is instantly suspicious. Without naming names, Tyler explains he’s been told to steal a car for a guy he owes a favour to. Paige urges Tyler to reconsider and then leaves him to make his decision.