Nate and Matt organise a family meal for Leah, and Kat reveals that Matt has his trial tomorrow. Upset that Matt failed to say anything, Nate insists that he and Kat accompany him to the courtroom tomorrow. At the dinner, Kat passes Matt as note; it’s a glowing character reference for court, a gesture that touches Matt. At the trial, Matt’s delighted as he’s given a good behaviour bond. Afterwards, he tells Leah the outcome of the trial and says he’s decided to move out.

When VJ hears about his mum’s plans he turns to Irene, who asks him to see things from Leah’s point of view. Leah and VJ head to the neurosurgeon’s office and when they discuss the negative outcomes of the operation, VJ says he’ll honour Leah’s wishes. As the family leave they bump into Hannah, who is left slightly embarrassed when she comes face to face with Leah’s surgeon.

Hannah’s relationship with Andy is on solid ground again and, she is about to resume work at the hospital, leaving her elated.