Matt proposes to Zoe!

Zoe’s surprised when a huge parcel arrives for her at work. The gang gather round as she starts to open it to reveal a ring box inside, and there’s a cheer when Matt pops the question. Zoe is overwhelmed and flustered, but is saved from giving an immediate answer when an emergency is rushed into the hospital…

Later, Zoe desperately tries to get Jordan’s reaction to Matt’s proposal, but the Lead Consultant isn’t giving anything away. And when Matt re-appears with a bunch of roses, Zoe feels stressed and confused.

Things take an unexpected turn for Adam when he gets involved with a broken family following a poisoning episode.

Jordan is delighted when he receives a DVD from his student days. Meanwhile, Kieron spots his mother on the footage and does some detective work of his own.

Zoe confesses her infertility problems to an understanding Matt. He tells her he’ll give her some space and ask her to marry him again when he returns in two weeks.

Kieron has a furious row with Jordan and drives away angrily on his motorcycle, only to have an accident that leaves him fighting for his life.