Matt sleeps with Summer Bay High’s new teacher!

Matt declares he won’t be attending Zac and Leah’s engagement party, as he no longer feels part of the family. Evelyn tells Zac how Matt feels, and he makes it his mission to sort things out. Later, Zac is making a beautiful speech about Leah at the party when he’s interrupted by the twins who hand over their engagement present. Meanwhile, Matt sits alone in Angelo’s enjoying a quiet drink when he catches the eye of a beautiful woman. The pair end up sleeping together, but Matt regrets his actions the next morning when he finds out she’s a teacher at Summer Bay High and Zac’s ex – Charlotte.

Things become extremely awkward for Hannah when VJ invites Sean and his wife to the engagement party. Emma notices the tensions between Sean and Hannah and asks to know what’s going on. Later, Hannah bumps into Emma who wants to know why Hannah slept with her husband.

Jett is alarmed when he finds out Marilyn and John want to leave the Bay with him when a tipsy Marilyn shocks friends and family by revealing that she and John are moving away.