Matt tells Carly he’s still in love with her and asks her to leave with him

Marlon has been petrified that Matt will move in on Carly – and tonight he does. Will she say yes?

It looks as if Marlon’s worst fears are about to come true when Matt confesses his true feelings to Carly. How will she respond when her ex, who she had a son, Billy, with, tells her he loves her and moves in for a kiss? And what will she decide when Matt asks her to leave the village with him and make a fresh start together somewhere else?

Meanwhile, Marlon’s insecurities about the pair go into overdrive and he drowns his sorrows before going to Laurel’s for a heart to heart. Will the sozzled chef do something he later regrets?

Elsewhere, it’s the morning after the night before and following their amorous escapades, a shameless Nicola has no qualms in feigning outrage at the destroyed chocolate swans and immediately points the finger of blame at the factory staff when they turn up for work. How will her innocent colleagues react and is Nicola about to find herself in even hotter water?