Matthew asks Lexi to spy for him

Donald tells Carl he’s got someone in mind for his PA, but Carl claims he’s already put an ad in the paper, reassuring Donald that he can trust him. Matthew sees an opportunity and tells Lexi to apply, insisting she’s living at Home Farm rent free and he’ll make it financially worth her while if she takes the job to spy for him. Lexi can’t resist the cash and agrees, even though it will mean betraying Carl.

Hilary returns home and is surprised and moved to see Laurel holding the baby. Later that day, Hilary tells Doug that she thinks Laurel and Ashley should get the cystic fibrosis tests done sooner rather than later. Hilary points out that Mel has the condition in her family and it’s clear that a suspicion is forming in her mind…

Val is keen to organise another speed dating event at The Woolpack. Later that day, she discovers the Malt Shovel is being refurbished and asserts that The Woolpack could do with being spruced up too. Diane is less than enthusiastic and says that there’s a lot to be said for a traditional look to the pub, but Val is defiant.

Also, Pearl meets up with one of yesterday’s speed daters, Joe Jacobs.