Matthew blackmails Hari

Matthew is annoyed that Paddy has turned down his offer to buy into the vets and he’s determined to get his own way. He visits Hari in prison and blackmails him into raising his asking price. Paddy is stunned when Hari tells him his new price and he soon realises that Matthew has set him up. Paddy still refuses to let Matthew in on the business and Matthew warns him that he’ll be finished without the Kings’ support.

Carrie marches Lexi to work but she’s completely against the idea of a day’s labour. While the other workers are on a break she deliberately sabotages her work. Her plan works a treat and Pollard immediately fires her. David feels responsible for letting her down and instead offers her a job with his cleaning firm!

Grace waits anxiously for Carl to call her and arrange another date and she panics when he doesn’t and calls him first. When Carl doesn’t answer, Grace heads over to the Woolpack to find him. Carl coolly invites Grace to dinner and he’s convinced he’s got the upper hand.

Also, Kelly worries about her weight ahead of her modelling job.