*One-hour special*

Matthew is furious when he learns that Tom put it in his will that he wanted Rosemary to be buried next to him and the King brothers realise that there is nothing they can do. The funeral procession turns up at the graveyard and Grayson is horrified to see Matthew furiously attempting to fill in the freshly dug grave. Gray and Matthew brawl and Matthew is dragged away by the police but swears that it’s not over.

Donald continues to play games with Nicola and he insists that he would like her to care for him when he comes out of hospital. Nicola is horrified and wonders how far she will have to go to get her hands on Donald’s cash.

Paddy finds out that Ross has decided to have both Chas and Lexi on the go without either of them knowing about the other one. Paddy warns Ross that he won’t get away with it, but Ross is confident that he will be able to juggle them both.

Also, Jo looks forward to marrying Andy, despite their enforced cost cutting on the wedding; Ashley turns down Greg’s offer to fix loose tiles on the church.