Rosemary takes great delight in informing Carl that Chas has been arrested for his father’s murder. But when the family start planning Tom’s funeral, Matthew’s suspicions are aroused when Rosemary expresses her relief that the police investigation is coming to a close and he accuses her of wanting to forget Tom as quickly as possible and retire on his riches.

Chas and Eli are questioned further by the police, who reveal that the pair’s fingerprints are all over the horse’s head bust and Chas is forced to confess that Eli stole the loot from Tom’s house. But the police are in doubt that the bust is the real murder weapon when Eli reveals that he stole the bust before the murder, not after, and Chas and Eli are released.

Terry quietly returns to the village with TJ in tow and nobody notices as he slips back into Connelton View. Terry studies the news coverage of Tom’s murder and although he’s one of the suspects, he’s not quite ready to announce his return to the police.

Meanwhile, Daz starts work at the garage with Debbie.